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Little wonders where learning and fun go hand in hand.

Welcome to Little Wonders Christian Day Care

It's our goal to provide a positive, rich and stimulating environment that considers each child's overall development, with a balance of structured and self directed activities.
Our teachers are facilitators of learning and provide a variety of experiences and materials to enable children ample opportunity to interact with their surroundings. Our teachers understand that each child develops at different pace, and within any classroom, there are a variety of maturity levels represented. Therefore, we seek to customize our instruction and show respect for the child's self worth and capabilities. Our classrooms are organized into different learning centers where children can exercise skills, explore topics of special interest, and precede at their own pace. In addition, children learn to share, cooperate, and other social skills while socializing within the centers. Teachers bring the children together several times during the day to participate in circle times that may involve story time, large muscle activities, music, Spanish, and Bible story activities. Most important, we understand that in order for children to learn, observe, create, and evaluate, "play" is the best way for children to accomplish these goals.
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Three Generations of experience

Little Wonders Christian Daycare and Preschool was founded in 1998 by two Christian women who love children and saw a need in the community for a safe happy environment for children to learn and play.
Teachers — Christian Schools in Olathe, KS

Laurie Rundberg - Co-owner and Director of the center.

Laurie has 39 years of childcare experience and has always dreamed of having her own Christian center where children of every cultural background could come together to learn. Little Wonders has fullfield that dream and more for Laurie. Laurie has a degree in Early Childhood Education and encourages her teachers to continue their education in Early Childhood as well. She is the mother of four wonderful children and a grandmother of eight beautiful grandsons.

Beverly Smith - Co-owner and Business Manager

Beverly lovingly stepped in to help Laurie pursue her dreams and found she too could start a new and exciting adventure of her own. Beverly is known at the center as Nana and not many even know her real name. She is every child's Nana and we all love the way she loves us. Nana gives of her time and is a stabilizing loving force at Little Wonders.

Renee Kendricks - Assistant Director.

Renee has 18 years of childcare experience, and has her Child Development Associate Credential (CDA). She will in the future work on her Early Childhood Degree. Her main interest is working with special needs children. Renee is the daughter of Laurie and the granddaughter of Beverly. Renee is the mother of four boys and has enjoyed watching her boys grow up in Little Wonders.